Glorious octopi for wearing, viewing and filling with flowers!

A wonder of the natural world, the tentacle can be a thing of beauty and terror. Who doesn’t fear the kraken or Architeuthis? Even miles from the sea, tentacles get nothing but respect. Today I bring you a small collection of some of my favorite tentacled options for self adornment or enhancement of your living space. Choose from a highly detailed octopus pendant, sterling silver tentacle earrings, an epic battle between squid and whale for your wrist. Or perhaps a steam-punkish tee with squid power, or a rather stunning octopus vase for your home. Which ever tentacle suits you best, you can bring a whisper of the deep sea to your life.


Shapeways: Octopus Pendant (Raw Brass)


Shana Logic: Sterling Silver Tentacle Earrings


Shapeways: Whale Vs Squid Bracelet (Polished Gold Steel)


Shana Logic: Dark and Stormy Night Squid Tee


Shana Logic: Hand-painted Octopus Vase


Shana Logic: Octopus Tentacle Print

PS – for the month of March, 2015 Shana Logic is donating 10% of their proceeds to The Association for the Protection of Fur-Bearing Animals!