New designs for Fall include hot lips, colorful bird heads, an owl in flight, and a pineapple!

Supermaggie is offering up some greatly discounted clothing items for ladies and gents – had your eye on a long sleeved tunic or a Vee dress? See if your favorite print is on sale this month. Long Sleeve Vee’s are suitable for men or women, and are made in the USA. Choose from tree prints, roosters, foxes, snakes, jellyfish, or the newly released pineapple print. Looking for a saucy V Dress? Save money, look awesome and support independent artists, plus enjoy a 100% cotton dress made in the USA. I love the spider dress, but the moths are also pretty awesome. Loop scarves are also on sale, and can be worn as a wrap, hood or shawl and are made of hemp and organic cotton.


Fox print Deep V Men’s T-shirt
$24.00 on sale


Moths print V Dress
$31.00 on sale


Flags Loop Scarf
$17.00 on sale