Giclée and Monoprints featuring felines, cuttlefish, foxes and more.

Looking for some new art for your walls? Today I found 6 lovely artistically stimulating prints from two of my favorite indie shops – SuperMaggie and Shana Logic. Featuring many representatives of the animal kingdom, select from felines, foxes, goats, or a cuttlefish! The planet Saturn also makes an appearance. A few of my favorite prints listed below can be found and purchased on clothing instead of as art for your home. Enjoy!

Shana Logic: Rorschach Print – Barn Swallow, Cat and Garter Snake

SuperMaggie: Saturn Rising art print

Shana Logic: Cuttlefish Print

SuperMaggie: Black Fox In Pink Thunderstorm art print

Shana Logic: Guise Print – Cat

SuperMaggie: Goat Night Garden print