Add some terrible lizard style to your wardrobe and home decor.

I am a great lover of dinosaurs, and most especially the mighty Tyrannosaurs Rex, even with his dinky little arms. Now that the holiday of giving has wrapped up, why not seek some excellent stylish lizards of the past to adorn your lifestyle? A toothy treat, just for you! Below are listed a few of my favorite dino-mite finds from around the interwebs. T-Rex t-shirts, paleolithic origami dino ornaments, triceratops stud earrings, even a dinosaur charm bracelet!

Etsy CrazyDogTshirts: T-rex hates pushups dinosaur t shirt

ModCloth: Days of Fold Ornaments Dinosaur Origami

Etsy CrazyDogTshirts: T-Rex Hates Flossing dinosaur t-shirt

Hannah Zakari: Triceratops Studs

Matches Fashion: Dino lace silk shirt

Shana Logic: Dinosaur Charm Bracelet