The summer is really heating up all around these United States, or so the news feeds say. One of my favorite finds today is the “compostable” swimsuit – bring the heat, enjoy this skimpy bathing suit, then discard into your compost heap. Next year it can help contribute to your delicious garden!


Dvice: And there was much rejoicing: compostable swimsuits
Saucy swimsuits that can enrich your garden after a season in the sun!

Great Green Goods: Recycled Bike Jewelry
Another great Etsy find – recycled stainless steel bicycle spokes find new life as jewelry.

Street Anatomy: Carnovsky
Colorful, macabre and lovely art installation called RGB.

Modern Cat: Recycled Soda Can Kitties
Charming upcycled soda can pendants from Etsy seller Soda Can Shop.

Cool Hunting: Potato Chips in Chocolate
Kettle-cooked chips encased in designer chocolate and made by hand? Yum!