A few of my favorite indie flavored (indie clothing, indie design, recycled and up-cycled) posts from around the blogosphere are listed below.

Cool Hunting: Chairless – Vitra’s “chair” that fits in your pocket
Inspired by a sitting strap commonly used by the Ayoreo Indians of Paraguay.

Pink Tentacle: Manga farming
Manga fed/grown radish sprouts from Tokyo artist Koshi Kawachi.

Street Anatomy: “Wild Anatomy” by Rachel “Thirsty Fly” Caldwell
Love the colorful combo of birds, boas and human torso!

Modish: label
Toronto-based, eco-friendly, delicious clothes from label.

Miss Malaprop: Urban Eco Earrings – 100% Recycled Sterling Silver Jewelry by Epheriell
Striking and simple 100% recycled sterling silver earrings.

Haute Macabre: Trend Alert: Kneepads
I can only imagine this lady trend is welcomed by men world-wide.

A Slip of a Girl: Get Ready To Whistle At These Stockings!
I heart the octopus tights.