I swear that spring was here earlier this week! As the skies grey and precipitation falls to earth, enjoy some favored posts from around the blogosphere.

A Slip of a Girl: Custom Cameo Creations
Saucy custom made lingerie attractively modeled.

Cool Hunting: Nymphenburg x Patrik Muff: Essentials Jewelry
I covet the porcelain skull necklace.

Miss Malaprop: Socktopus Handmade Stuffed Animals
Super charming Socktopus diy kits.

Meta Efficient: Renewable: Sunglasses Made With Castor Bean Oil
Finally a great use for castor bean oil!

Hide Your Arms: Freshly baked tees at Johnny Cupcakes
New tomfoolery from Johnny Cupcakes.

Decor8: The Perfect Pear Terrarium
Absolutely fetching glass pear shaped terrarium.