Catnip filled cat butt shaped toys and woolen crocheted “cat ovens”!

If you have the pleasure of living with a feline companion (or two) you might enjoy some of todays cat-centric offerings. My absolute favorite cat toy is from Etsy seller 2forksdesign – colorful catnip filled cat butt shaped felted toys. X marks the spot! My cat freakin’ loves cardboard cat scratchers and rips through them with great pleasure. Due to his daily attacks it would make no sense to get a funny cat scratcher with a pattern (cat keyboard scratcher below), but I like Gamago’s offering. I would love to get Kingston a “cat oven” from Etsy seller Designs06 – the cat beds are handmade, the yarn can be wool or acrylic, you choose the color and send the measurements for your kitty. Super cute!


Nip-in-the-Butt Cat Butt Handmade Catnip Toy


Cat Keyboard Scratcher


100% Wool Hand Crochet Cat Oven (Cat Bed)


Pirate Laser Cat Toy