Black cat hot water bottles, kitty hoodies, cat egg keychains, and more!

Who doesn’t love Halloween and the thematic focus on black felines? I have gathered a sampling of some of my favorite black cat items from around the web – enjoy! Looking for a (sort of) charming hot water bottle companion? Or maybe a sweet new dark and fluffy kitty hoodie? Kitty bling for your smart phone? Perhaps a black cat set of headphones for your listening pleasure?

Added big cat bonus – Minnesota Zoo tiger cub naming contest open until 14Oct12.

J-List: Heartful Friends Yutanpo with Funwari Cover ~ Small Black Cat

Shana Logic: Fluffy Kitty Happy Hoodie – Black

J-List: Nyanko Earphone Jack Accessory “Shigamitsuki” ~ Black Cat

Uncommon Goods: Black Cat Headphones

Shana Logic: Guise Print – Cat

J-List: Doki Doki Nyan Egg NEKO TAMAGO ~ Kuro